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Understand the Risks before Trading

  1. Trading leveraged instruments like forex & CFDs can be very risky for your capital.
  2. You must understand the risks, basics, conditions & intricacies of the instruments, financial markets & broker offerings before investing any money in Forex or CFDs.
  3. CFDs are complex investment instruments, you must read & understand its terms before investing.
  4. Trading Forex is not a sure shot money making medium. No one should look at it that way. Anyone promoting it in such a way is telling a lie.
  5. Real Fact is that even Experienced Traders lose money. And almost 70% of new traders lose money.
  6. With Leveraged trading, you could risk losing even more than your invested capital.
  7. You should not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose.
  8. Traders should not invest any money if they don’t have enough experience or don’t understand the risks & workings of the instrument they are investing in.
  9. New traders should only trade in demo account for at-least 1 year before investing any money.
  10. Don’t use high leverage and follow safe leverage of upto 1:10 & apply risk management.

Recommended Brokers

We have tried our best to list the brokers that are regulated with tier 1 regulators like CMA, FCA, ASIC, CySEC & FSCA. We have looked into various factors in each broker before listing them here on our website. These factors include Regulation, Background, History (brokers that have a long history of offering good service to their clients), Minimum negative reviews etc.

These factors are listed on our About page in detail.

Although we have tried our best in compiling our list, users are advised to apply their own discretion and compare & analyse all the facts before depositing the money with the broker.

All brokers listed on the website are 3rd party and we don’t have any link or association with them. And we don’t control their trading conditions or platforms. And we take no responsibility for their (broker) wrong doings or actions and such complaints should be forwarded to their respective regulators.

All the information, reviews & numbers provided here are for indicative & information purposes only. And we hold no responsibility on accuracy of the information.

We don’t offer any financial advise nor our information should be considered as financial advise. Our website is purely for informational & educational purposes only.

Signing up for any account at the listed brokers or investment at any listed brokers should be done at your own discretion after all fact checking & comparison and we cannot be hold responsible for any of your investment decisions.


TradeForexKenya.com is an information only website and we don’t offer any investment advice & we are not related to any broker listed on our website.

We are an independent comparison website for the purpose of educating traders in Kenya about the risks & basics of forex trading.

Users are advised to read this website as an information and decide based on doing their own research before depositing any money.

We may earn small commission if you click on broker’s recommendation link on our website. This helps us cover our website’s expenses.

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