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Best CMA Regulated Forex Brokers in Kenya

There are currently only 3 Forex Brokers regulated by CMA in Kenya. We have ranked them based on comparison of their trading fees, ease of account opening, withdrawal process & 7 other factors.

TradeForexKenya Editor

Forex Trading is legalized in Kenya & and regulated by the CMA – Capital Markets Authority. The National Treasury authorized the CMA through the 2016 Finance Act. This was to supervise and regulate the online Forex trading market in Kenya. In 2017, CMA subsequently enacted the Capital Markets Online Foreign Exchange Trading Regulations.

Traders from Kenya are accepted by several offshore and foreign regulated brokers. However, if you are looking for Forex trading in Kenya, you should trade preferably with a locally regulated in Kenya.

CMA is responsible for monitoring, licensing, and supervising the activities of market intermediaries in Kenya. It is an autonomous financial regulatory agency of the Government.

You can be ensured of the safety of your funds by trading with brokers regulated with CMA. Protection is assured in case of a dispute with regulated broker. You also get local supervision for fair trading practices/conditions by the Brokers.

Recently, CMA cautioned the Kenyans regarding online Forex trading through unregulated platforms. The regulatory authority stressed to nationals of Kenya that they are at risk of loss of their investments. This is if they invest with unauthorized entities. Traders trading with foreign brokers may also not get legal protection.

We are created this list of 3 CMA Regulated Forex brokers in Kenya.

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Comparison Table of Best Forex Brokers regulated by CMA in Kenya

CMA Forex Broker Minimum Deposit Lowest EUR/USD Spread Regulation(s) Max. Leverage Available Instruments Visit
Minimum Deposit: $5
Lowest EUR/USD spread*: 1.6 pips
Regulation(s): CMA
Max. Leverage:
1:400 (for forex)
Available instruments: 65 currency pairs, and 20+ CFDs
Visit Broker
Minimum Deposit: $100
Lowest EUR/USD spread*: 0.13 pips
Regulation(s): CMA, FCA, ASIC
Max. Leverage:
Available instruments: 61 currency pairs, 100+ CFDs
Visit Broker
Minimum Deposit: $250
Lowest EUR/USD spread*: 1.6 pips
Regulation(s): CMA (Kenya), CMA, CySEC
Max. Leverage:
Available instruments: 70+ currency pairs, 100+ CFDs
Visit Broker

3 Best Forex Brokers regulated by CMA in Kenya

Here’s our list of best CMA Regulated Forex for traders in Kenya:

  1. FXPesa – Best CMA Regulated broker Overall
  2. Pepperstone – Low Spread CMA regulated broker
  3. Scope Markets

Currently, there are just 3 brokers in Kenya regulated by the CMA. These are Pepperstone Markets, EGM Securities (Equity Group), and Scope Markets (SCFM Limited).

#1 FXPesa – Best CMA Regulated broker Overall

FXPesa Kenya

Rating: 9.0/10

Regulations: CMA

Minimum Deposit: $5

Available Platforms: MT4, WebTrader and Mobile trading

FXPesa is the brand of EGM Securities, which was the first broker to be regulated by CMA in Kenya for online Forex trading. For retail traders, they operate through the brand name FXPesa.

Fees: The fee charged by FXPesa is higher in comparison with other CMA regulated broker Pepperstone. The typical spread for major currency pairs such as EUR/USD is 1.6 pips for every Standard lot. Thus, EGM Securities charges a higher spread on standard pairs of currency comparatively.

Trading Conditions: The Executive Account is a spread only account with no commissions. Traders can trade around 65 pairs of currency pairs. They also provides CFD trading on 20+ Indices, Commodities, and Metals.

The minimum deposit required is $ 5. The maximum leverage offered to traders is 1:400 for FX. FXPesa does offer local funding and withdrawal methods. There are no fees charged on funding. However, fees on withdrawals may be applicable based on the method. This includes overseas withdrawal fees for withdrawal through bank transfer or wire.

You will be charged an inactivity fee by FXPesa. This is if your account is inactive for 180 calendar days or higher.

Support: Customer Support is offered through Live Chat, E-mail, and Phone. Live Chat responses during our chat with their staff were helpful. However, we experienced hold times of few minutes. E-mail support to your queries are normally responded to in 1 or 2 hours.

EGM Securities does have a local phone number in Kenya. But the support is offered only during business hours. They have a local office too, but do not function on weekends.

FXPesa Pros

  • Phone support in Kenya available.
  • Offers cross-platforms and multi-device trading.
  • No Deposit fees & accepts MPesa.

FXPesa Cons

  • For EUR/USD & other pairs, the spreads are higher with 1.6 pips and above.
  • Limited CFD instruments for trading other than Forex.

What is Capital Markets Authority (CMA) of Kenya?

The CMA – Capital Markets Authority is the financial regulatory agency in Kenya. It is charged with the crucial responsibility of monitoring, licensing, and supervising the activities of market intermediaries. This includes the Stock Exchange as well. CMA derives its regulatory powers from the Capital Markets Act and its Regulations.

Its regulatory functions include:

  1. Supervising and licensing all intermediaries in the capital markets
  2. Ensuring correct conduct of all licensed individuals and market institutions
  3. Regulating the products offered in the capital markets
  4. Promoting investor awareness and education
  5. Protecting the interest of investors

CMA has regulatory supervision over all entities offering online Forex brokerage services in Kenya. It plays a very vital role in ensuring safe trading for traders in Kenya and fair practices by the Forex brokers.

Why trade with CMA Regulated brokers?

The major factor of trading with Forex brokers licensed by the CMA is that only such trades and market transactions are lawful in Kenya. The chief risk of trading with unlicensed brokers for individual Forex traders is outright fraud or illegal activity.

Licensed Brokers are required to adhere by regulations of the CMA for the Forex industry in Kenya. It implies much more than just having laws in place. The authority constantly supervises the brokers for enforcement of the rules and regulations.

The CMA is also mandated with the protection of investors in Kenya. This is to safeguard them from fraud and undisclosed financial risks.

The Forex market is decentralized and global. It is thus highly prone to fraud being comparatively less regulated than other fiscal markets.

The standards for compliance for all Forex brokers offering services for Kenyans have been defined by the CMA. It includes being licensed and registered with the Authority. They are also required to undergo regular audits and communicate specific changes of service to the clients.

Licensed Forex Brokers in Kenya are also subject to evaluations and review by CMA. This is to ensure compliance with industry norms. It helps in ensuring that currency trading is fair and ethical for all parties involved. Thus, trading with CMA regulated brokers protects you from scams and illegal brokers.

Frequently asked questions: Forex Brokers regulated by CMA

Which are the best CMA Regulated Forex Brokers?

Based on our research, only 3 brokers are currently regulated by CMA. So the choices are limited, but we have still rated the brokers in the following order based on our comparison factors:

  1. FXPesa – Most Popular for Beginners
  2. PepperStone – Best for Low Fees
  3. Scope Markets

If you are a beginner trader in Kenya, then you should choose FXPesa. If you are an advanced trader then you can look into PepperStone.

What is the minimum deposit required for trading with CMA regulated forex broker?

This depends on the choice of broker. FXPesa has the lowest deposit requirement of $5. And other brokers have around $200 or higher requirements.

Which CMA regulated forex brokers accept MPesa?

Currently only 1 CMA regulated broker FXPesa (which is the brand of EGM Securities) accepts MPesa for forex trading in Kenya. The deposits are free of any charges & normally funded within 1 day.

There are also other foreign regulated forex brokers that accept MPesa. The minimum deposit with most of the brokers that accept MPesa is around $5.

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