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About us

We help Kenyan Traders learn the basics & risks of Forex Trading

Trade Forex Kenya is a Forex Education website for Kenyan Traders. We aim to help new & experienced traders better understand the offerings by various forex brokers and navigate the forex market safely.

There are many brokers currently accepting local forex traders in kenya and lack of independent & transparent reviews & information makes them susceptible to many risks & scams.

At TFK, we aim to bridge that gap by providing transparent editor & user reviews and only listing genuine & tier-1 regulated brokers with good track record.

We also want to give in-depth & detailed analysis of local CFD & forex instrument offerings by each broker.

We also aim to bring forex education & information to masses & new traders so that no one is misled into investing in Forex.

Our Ranking Factors

We use these 10+ ranking factors:

  1. Regulation
  2. User Reviews
  3. Ease of Deposit & Withdrawal

How to use our website

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